The Reverse Audit allows you to isolate all the steps of your sales process and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, by moving through the sales cycle in reverse.

The Reverse Audit will identify exactly which skills need to be reinforced and weaknesses that will benefit from additional or updated training.

Asking for the sale and successfully closing is one the biggest weaknesses in sales, so by starting at the close, you can identify and then train and coach the skills that will quickly increase conversions.

The Reverse Audit breaks the pattern of autopilot, because it clearly shows you how exactly what is happing during your sales cycle, including identification of the strongest and weakest points during the process.

When implemented correctly the Reverse Audit will break each step of your sales cycle down into small steps, which can then be role-played. Doing so will clearly demonstrate how effective your team members’ skills are, when used in real-life situations.

You would then progress through all the other stages of your sales cycle (in reverse, of course), all the way through to that first, initial contact. In the majority of instances, people are very surprised by what the Audit reveals.

Most salespeople will genuinely believe and tell you they are doing all the steps correctly, but in reality there may be steps missed or skills that have become rusty. This is why it’s essential that you ask your sales team members to role-play; the role-plays are typically short, easy-to-do, and even fun!

Once you’ve identified the weakest skills, choose the three most critical and commence coaching to further develop these skills. We recommend using the 6-1 method of coaching, which centres around the fact that people need to hear, say, and do a skill six times in order to get 62 per cent retention of that skill.

It is recommended that you follow the rule of 21 /7, which suggests you role-play these skills three times a day, for five to seven days. Remember, failure to implement will always result in low or poor sales.

To learn more about how the Reverse Audit can help your business make more sales, contact the team at Impact Training via our calendar. Click here to lock in a time.

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