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Use these 7 questions to plan how to maximise every sales opportunity and smash your targets.

Become a Sales Authority

For over 30 years, Steve Jensen (aka Dr J) the founder and CEO of Impact Training Corporation (ITC) has held one key goal – to make a positive difference to people’s professional and personal lives, by teaching them how to achieve outstanding results in sales, so they can live the life they deserve. And during this time, thousands of people from all over the world have attended Steve’s workshops and coaching programs, and completely transformed their sales, careers, finances and lifestyles as a result.

The truth is, owning or managing a business is an awesome way to carve out your dream life. But, the reality of that role is often filled with challenges and frustrations that can sometimes feel relentless.

If you’d like to reduce the stress that owning or running a business often brings, remember that ‘more sales fixes most things in business’. Steve, Darren and the team will teach, train and coach you through a complete selling transformation, one step at a time.

When you work with the team at ITC you’ll learn the most up-to-date hard skills (sales techniques), and explore the all-too-often soft skills (communication methods such as NLP and DISC), and how to combine them to establish you as a true Sales Authority. When you are a Sales Authority, you gain a massive advantage over other sales professionals, as well as an unprecedented ability to smash your sales targets.

Success Stories

Richard Toutounji



Richard Toutounji: "Steve customised his workshop around our needs. My team learned the benefits of communication and body language and learned the different stages of closing. We also learned how to present our USPs across all channels."




Brikitta: "I have learned how have fun with sales, bring back passion and expertise, its not sales and it’s just believing in your product."

Stephen Lockley



Stephen Lockley: "Steve has helped us grow our business internationally and ten fold into a multimillion dollar business. He helps everyone maximise their sales potential."

Learn skills that will increase sales conversions, reduce frustration and make more money

Create more
sales & profits

Become an
inspirational leader

Transform your
communication skills

Become more confident &
present solution as the expert

Attract, coach & inspire
a driven team to be proud of

Learn how to drive your business to profit &
smash your sales target



People from all around the globe have doubled and tripled their sales income, as a direct result of what they’ve learned from Impact Training Corporation and Steve Jensen, the Founder of ITC.

No matter what your industry or type of business, it’s a known fact that if you have the opportunity to learn from Steve, you grab it! The knowledge and skills you’ll gain are designed to help you become a successful business professional.

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