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“Gone are the days of pushy hard closing selling. When you learn skills that are easy to use, you’ll be excited to use them. You really only have one chance to close the sale – my job is to help ensure you make the most of every one of those opportunities.”
Steve Jensen (Dr J)

Option 1

Become A Sales Authority In Your Industry

Want to streamline your sales process so leads turn into sales effortlessly?

The Sales Authority Club is for Club and Studio owners who are strapped for time and are committed to empowering their team with the Memberships so everyone can enjoy the freedom A successful fitness business can give everyone.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to streamline their sales process, increase conversions and get more customers fast.

Sales Authority

Option 2

Plug in A Virtual Sales Manager Into Your Team

You need to inspect your data and drive your KPIs on a regular basis in order to be as successful as you possibly can!.

Virtual Sales Manager is designed to drive your sales, keep people accountable, while also providing tried and tested sales strategies, and techniques to achieve your targets consistently.

Perfect for: Businesses who wants to hire a proven professional that can hit the ground running and get immediate results.

Virtual Sales Manager

Option 3

Get A Private “My Mentor” Coach For Your Business

Mentors provide access to expertise that can help you learn new skills and enhance your knowledge and advance your career. Many of the world’s most successful people have benefitted from having a mentor such as Richard Branson (whose mentor was Freddie Laker, and Anthony Robins who was mentored by Jim Rohn).

Perfect for: Anyone who wants one-on-one coaching tailored to your specific goals and personal or professional progression.

My Mentor Coach

Option 1

Book a Private Workshop For Your Team

We listen to your needs, investigate and research your current processes, and use our expertise to provide you with YOUR best solution that will help your business grow effectively and efficiently.

All you have to do is implement the strategies with your team, watch your business grow significantly !

Perfect for: Anyone who want a face-to-face approach to training and engaging your sales team to perform at the highest level.

Private Workshops

Are You Ready To Master Your Sales?

Grab A Copy Of Our FREE Sales Growth Plan and you’ll discover how to:

  • Sell More From Every Conversation Using The Seemless Selling System™
  • Quickly Recognise The Most Common Mistakes Most Sales Professionals Make And How Avoid Them
  • Identify The EIGHT (8) Crucial Elements that go into every successful sales cycle

Com Marketing Group

Richard Toutounji: “Steve customised his workshop around our needs. My team learned the benefits of communication and body language and learned the different stages of closing. We also learned how to present our USPs across all channels.”

Richard Toutounji


D-Club 247

Brikitta: “I have learned how have fun with sales, bring back passion and expertise, its not sales and it’s just believing in your product.”




Stephen Lockley: “Steve has helped us grow our business internationally and ten fold into a multimillion dollar business. He helps everyone maximise their sales potential.”

Stephen Lockley