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The Team Behind Some Of The Best

Our Passionate Sales Training Team Will Teach, Coach and Support You and Your Team How To Achieve Even Greater Success In Your Business And Your Life.

More sales fixes most things in business.

The team is headed by ITC’s Founder and Managing Director, Steve Jensen.

Combining his passion for all things sales, communication, leadership and helping to support owners and their teams, Steve Jensen has spent over 30 years doing what he loves – sharing his knowledge and helping others achieve their true potential!

Often referred to as “Dr J – the sales doctor”, Steve has a reputation around the world for his inspiring presentations and his selfless passion for teaching. He is regarded as a leading international expert in sales and communication training, mentoring, and implementation strategies.

Steve prides himself on staying in touch with the latest trends in sales, communication and leadership. He is committed to sharing his experience and expertise with everyone he meets, with the ultimate goal of making a positive difference in the lives of others.

With a personal commitment to lifelong education, Steve is always learning something new, a passion which has seen him become a certified DISC Behavioural Analysis presenter, a Master NLP Practitioner and, most recently, seen him deep dive into the world of digital marketing.

Steve’s dedication to the Australasian fitness industry has been well documented and globally acknowledged being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Australian Fitness Network, and Fitness Australia rewarded his service to the industry by adding his name to The Honour Roll Award. Steve has also been voted Best Presenter in Sales, Sales Management And Communication in four different countries and was the guest speaker at the highly prestigious Speakers’ Master Class Event, for the National Speakers’ Association.

about us

Our Team

Delivering outstanding sales results for over 30 Years

Steve Jensen

Founder & Managing Director

Darren Roberts

Master Trainer & Team Leader

Rebecca Carle

Administration Coordinator

When You Work With Us, You’ll Learn Today What You Need In Order To Be Successful Tomorrow And Beyond!

Why We Do It

Impact Training Corporation (ITC) is a team of sales and communication specialists whose teaching will profoundly and positively impact both your professional and personal life.

We are focused on sharing the techniques that will future-proof your sales career and competition-proof your business.

Globally, ITC sets the sales and communication trends that other businesses follow. Most recently our Founder and CEO (Steve Jensen) developed a revolutionary concept called “Inspirational Selling”, which is a proven strategy that will substantially increase your closing rates.

Our “Why”

We do what we do, because we believe that right now is a critical time to take the necessary action to reposition your business ahead of your competition.

At ITC we believe everyone can become a Sales Authority – you just need to learn how to do things differently. And when you do, you will out-perform your competitors and become the best you can be, in both business and in life.

At ITC we will teach you how to stay ahead of your competitors by learning how to sell differently. At ITC we call this process “future-proofing”.

How We Do IT

Using a comprehensive and methodical system – which includes keynote presentations, in-house training, personal coaching and expert mentoring – ITC has transformed the financial performance of thousands of personal trainers, sales professionals, sales managers, owners and CEOs across an abundance of industries.

In many cases, the results include doubled or tripled sales. So how do we do it?

We use

  • Tailored in-house workshops, which cover topics such as sales, sales strategies, sales KPI management, leadership skills, soft skills, communication skills, NLP, public speaking and digital marketing
  • Personalised coaching and mentoring
  • Mastermind groups and events
  • Digital marketing training and coaching
  • Online digital sales and marketing tools
  • Mindset training and support
  • Access to our specialist partners and associates.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Sarah Watts
February 14, 2023

I've worked with the Impact Training Team on and off over the last 10 years. The experience I've had with them has been career changing. The opportunities I have been able to take advantage of, the skills I have developed and the results I've enjoyed have been incredible. I would highly recommend Steve and the Impact Training Team to anyone looking for growth, freedom and results.

Chris Holloway
February 14, 2023

I have been working with Steve and the Impact Training team for about 2 years now and his commitment to his clients and their results is second to none. I would highly recommend working with the Impact Training team.

Daniele Dal Cengio
April 1, 2021

We have been using Impact Training Corporation for many years with great results. Steve and Darren are professional and friendly coaches who deeply and genuinely care about their clients' success. We highly recommend Impact Training Corporation to any business owner or business leader who wants to grow their sales.

Darren Saul
August 27, 2020

I have had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of being trained by Steve Jensen! Steve is simply superb! His knowledge and experience in the Sales and Sales Training arena is immense and he executes his training with such generosity, passion, preparation and value that you will be inspired to become the best salesperson you can possibly be! If you are looking for Sales Training or consultation around your Sales processes look no further - Steve is THE best!! 🙂

Ignazio Deiana
August 30, 2019

Steve Jensen and impact Training provided a giant wake up call and excellent Training during the recent Twelvebottles sales conference in QLD. He has managed to focus the team on things that really matter; growing the business in a sustainable way and retaining profit margin. The best money we have spent so far in 2019. In Deiana Managing Director Twelvebottles Pty Ltd

Nigel Durkin
August 21, 2019

Steve Jensen and his crew have made a life changing difference to my business and my mindset. Since joining his team he has constantly fed me with quality information and given me above and beyond support, both personally and professionally. I would recommend anyone who wants to be more than they already are and has a drive for success within their business to contact Steve immediately. Thank you Steve Jensen and Impact Training Corporation for all the support, I’m truly grateful. Nigel Durkin Master Consultant Niagara Therapy WA

Rochelle Marie Borton
May 28, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Steve 1:1 after a group session and the tips, tools and information he was able to provide and help me cement has been invaluable. I look forward to using the techniques and updating everyone on my progress. Thanks for going over and above Steve without any benefit to you except my success!

Lynette Kokocinski
May 5, 2019

Having Steve deliver his training to our team has been the best investment we could make. It’s made a huge impact to our business and in return we are seeing his procedures and techniques really making a difference to our fitness centre, and we couldn’t be happier! I couldn’t recommend Impact Training more to anyone thinking of making this investment, the only regret we have is not heading in this direction earlier.

Tony Brunton
August 28, 2018

One of a kind. absolutely brilliant and supportive. and every idea they teach works if you follow through.

Rafael Strugale
January 18, 2018

It is amazing the knowledge that Dr. J's have and, most of all, share. I am very happy to be part of this group of especial people and hope to learn a lot and share.

Christian Munaier
January 3, 2018

I simply adore the Steve's program. I had my professional lifetime changing experience with him in 2003. Since then, I'm trying do my best with this knowledge. Thanks for everything you've done to the fitness market and to myself as well, Steve!

Richard Toutounji
December 6, 2017

Such a great team, Steve and his team presented at our Annual Digital Marketing Summit as well as train our team in sales and Communication with HUGE positive results now flowing.

Jack Smith
October 10, 2017

Steve and Darren are absolute superstars who are deliver gold! They are helping grow and develop my team to be the best in the fitness industry

Jean Philippe Pérez
January 20, 2017

Every thing start for me here. The best investment ever.

Steve Jensen
June 4, 2016

Making a positive difference in peoples professional and personal lives.