Using triggers to make more sales

The easiest way to increase sales is to create a desire within your prospects to buy. This can be achieved by using key decision-making triggers that typically inspire action. These triggers will engage your prospect, by demonstrating that your product will solve their problem or provide the answer to something they are searching for.

Now, when it comes to human behaviour, and particularly decision making, there are two key motivators: 1) movement towards pleasure; and 2) movement away from pain.
As a result, when it comes to sales (i.e. the decision to buy) the five decision-making triggers are:

1. Make money
2. Reduce costs
3. Save time
4. Reduce stress, worry and frustration
5. To feel alone and find trusted help.

So ask yourself this question: “What does my product or service fix?” When your offering is seen to fix the big problems, such as those listed above, people will be inspired to buy. In your industry there is most likely numerous solutions that your product or service fixes, but for maximum results, focus specifically on at least two of the five triggers listed. This may be how it will save time, reduce frustration and costs, or restore confidence, peace of mind and a sense of support.

Typically, feelings that prospects want resolved include frustration, worry, stress, abandonment or a sense of exclusion or isolation; or even feeling like they are a bit outdated, or embarrassed.

Often, the feelings they are seeking (which your product or service should focus on offering them) include confidence, peace of mind, relaxation, support, pride, or a sense of currency/being up-to-date.

Essentially, your product or service should elicit feelings within your prospects, which inspire them to take action (i.e. buy); hence the term “inspirational selling”. The key to successful inspirational selling lies in the marketing or positioning of the unique features that your product or service has. And it is these unique features that will set you apart from your competitors (ensuring the customers buy from you).

Of course, in order to ensure your inspirational selling is seamless as well as successful, make sure you processes streamlined and updated, and all of your team members are familiar with them.

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