Five Questions with Steve Jensen – Q2

Through a comprehensive program involving face-to-face and online workshops, training sessions, and coaching programs, Impact Training Corporation (ITC) have spent the past 30 years teaching sole traders, multi-site chains and franchises how to complete more sales, increase profits, save time and stress less, so they can create and sustain the lifestyle they desire.

Question 2:

Why is the tour a necessary part of the sales presentation?

The tour has become a forgotten art; it is rarely taught and in many cases never inspected. The tour can play a big role in successfully closing a sales because people buy experiences, and the tour – when done well – can give a prospective member a really WOW experience.

Many fitness businesses use trial classes and sessions in place of a tour, and this strategy can work well IF the skills of creating a memorable experience are used and what’s told during qualification is proven to be true during these sessions.

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