Five Questions with Steve Jensen – Q1

Through a comprehensive program involving face-to-face and online workshops, training sessions, and coaching programs, Impact Training Corporation (ITC) have spent the past 30 years teaching sole traders, multi-site chains and franchises how to complete more sales, increase profits, save time and stress less, so they can create and sustain the lifestyle they desire.

Question 1:

ITC and Steve Jensen have spent over 30 years helping others achieve their potential. What major change/s have you experienced over the last 5-10 years, which have had an impact on successfully operating a fitness business today?

Competition, marketing and lead generation strategies have evolved a lot in recent years. Fitness business operators have had to learn new skills or find experts who can help them keep up with this constant evolution.

Having a solid digital footprint is also now essential; this includes having a strategised website with a concise landing page, online payment options and streamlined autoresponders.

Sales methodologies have also been adapted to cater to the ever-changing landscape, with savvy fitness professionals understanding they have just one chance to make the sale; no more long, drawn out sales processes that involve tonnes of follow-up – these days, society expects instant gratification and immediate response to their queries, so your systems and processes need to accommodate this.

Today’s clients want to do business with experts. Therefore, the most successful way to close a sale is to inspire the prospect to buy. This requires highly developed communication skills that ensure sales staff understand how to establish genuine rapport.

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