Be Different & Inspire More Sales

When it comes to selling fitness successfully, one thing is for sure, if you want to close more sales it has now become essential that salespeople and personal trainers who are wanting to make sales must know what they are talking about and be perceived as a Fitness Expert so they can inspire hope into the prospect.

Speaking in general terms has become very dated and uninspiring e.g. “we’ll design a personal program for you” or “we have a great variety of classes you can do”.

What the prospective Member or Client wants and needs to see, hear or experience to make a decision is an expert teaching or showing them something they don’t know that will have them saying, e.g. “Wow that sounds great I can see how I would lose weight that way, I Never Knew that! I can do that”.

If you combined your teaching with informing the prospective Member or Client that you were the only Club/PT (Unique Selling Point) that does what you just taught them, they will buy from you and say thank you.

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