How To Work From Home & How To Navigate Stand Down With Karen Hillen

In this interview Steve Jensen (Dr J) chats with Karen Hillen from Hillen Staff Solutions about how to work from home and how to navigate stand down.

We cover:

  1. 2 pitfalls of working from home for CEOs Business Owners
  2. What can be done to avoid those challenges?
  3. What are 2 the concerns employees have?
  4. What can be done to avoid those challenges?
  5. Should there be a daily weekly plan? – Examples?
  6. How productivity me maintained? Accountability?
  7. What is your suggestions re-contact, being connected? Times per day?
  8. Zoom Meetings Etc
  9. Layout, Supervision, Chairs etc
  10. Photos – Why?
  11. How to define Stand Down?
  12. How to define Redundancy?


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