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Many of us think the best way to contact a web lead is phone them, leave a voicemail and then they’ll call us back… But these days, those old school ways just don’t work anymore.
In today’s highly competitive environment, you need to maximise your lead conversions. Here are 7 ways to do so.
  1. Contact your web lead within one minute of receiving their contact; otherwise it may take between 7 and 11 attempts in order to reach them.
  2. Use the Call Matrix for contacting leads. This suggests that each voicemail message MUST be different to the last.
  3. Follow up each voicemail you leave with an SMS and email.
  4. Measure A1s (appointments booked on the first day of the enquiry) and A2s (appointments booked on the second day of the enquiry).
  5. Understand that the probability of closing a sale reduces by up to 25 per cent per day, with every day that they are not contacted and booked in.
  6. Use a phone prompt 100 per cent of the time, to help you stay on track to create rapport and to identify their compelling reasons to book an appointment or buy.
  7. Always create value when booking an appointment and inform the prospect that you will give them something of value when they arrive; doing so will increase your show rates.
The reality is, to achieve your sales targets you need to do more these days!
Sales Fact: Phone skills are one the weakest skills among salespeople, and cost businesses millions of dollars in lost sales as a result. This is because phone skills are rarely trained, or when they are they are too often poorly trained, and they are not retrained or role-played frequently enough to maintain a high quality of skill.
Your business can make more sales by:
  1. Always using a phone prompt for incoming and outgoing calls.
  2. Arranging a secret shopper to make an enquiry and inspect what is happening on the phone.
  3. Recording all incoming and outgoing calls and review the recordings every week. Be sure to acknowledge great calls and identify a weaker skill which you will then train and role-play three times a day for the entire week.
  4. Always have a list of USPs and word sequences on hand, at every salesperson’s workstation.
When using the phone, it is essential that you build rapport BEFORE you go to work selling. When you’re on the phone to a prospect, the goal is always to spend a minute or two establishing commonality and connection.
Once you’ve established rapport and credibility as an expert, it’s time to start asking your prospect great questions, listen and then follow up by asking questions about the prospect’s answers. Doing this will separate the good sales professionals from the great ones.
Phone work is a valuable sales skill to master. To do so, just remember to use your prompts 100 per cent of the time and keep in mind that a memorable call is a conversion NOT an interrogation. Great phone work and receiving links in the lead up to meeting you can excite them about proceeding, which tends to result in prospects arriving to an appointment already 80 per cent sold!


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