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Reducing & Overcome Objections

How many times have you completed your presentation only to, out of the blue, receive a stall or an objection?
The fact of the matter is, many times, sales professionals assume a prospect is giving them an objection, when really the prospect is actually just voicing their opinion and still wanting to proceed. It’s not uncommon for sales professionals to mistake some questions as objections, and to then start using justification in their communication.

This frustration can be overcome by learning how to differentiate actual objections and how to reduce them before they arise. Learning how to reduce objections is an essential skill that will increase your sales.

Many sales professionals regard objections as a barrier to making a sale. Nothing could be further from the truth. Objections are opportunities to close, as the prospect is saying that they would buy if it wasn't for a slight problem. Find a solution to their problem and you will have a client.

Most of the time objections are simply an attempt by the prospect to buy some time because the prospect is not sure that the benefit of your product or service will outweigh the pain of parting with their money.

A selling fact: an objection is better than a “no” because it gives you some place to begin the conversation. Objections are an inevitable part of sales, and some are legitimate reasons – we call them ‘conditions’ and they’re typically not possible to overcome.

The good news is, if you're familiar with common objections and equipped to answer them, then you'll be able to ask the right questions to eliminate their concerns, which will then give you permission to confidently ask for the sale again. At the upcoming Quarterly, I’ll teach you how to truly listen, and use a simple gambit that will help adjust your prospects’ attitudes, so they will say ‘thank you’ and want to buy. From the Quarterly you’ll also learn:

• How to reduce objections effectively during qualification
• How to overcome objections and bridge to the close
• The IHP formula to overcoming objections
• How to overcome common objections such as ‘let me think about it”, ‘I don’t have time’ and ‘it costs too much’
• How to use a powerful ‘attitude adjustment’ gambit to re-close
• And much more!


WHEN: 25th June
Starts: 9.45am for 10.00am
Finishes: 4.30pm


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