If your business doesn’t have a dedicated sales manager to drive your sales team to achieve targets or maintain accountability, then you need a Virtual Sales Manager (VSM)!

Businesses that do not efficiently manage their sales or leads, or who believe accountability is unnecessary, will never achieve their true income generating potential. You need to inspect your data and drive your KPIs on a regular basis in order to be as successful as you possibly can!

Virtual Sales Manager is designed to drive your sales, keep people accountable, while also providing tried and tested sales strategies, and techniques to achieve your targets. Virtual Sales Manager will ensure your sales meetings are transformed into activity-based meetings, which will result in a more motivated, inspired, empowered and goal-achieving team.

Virtual Sales Manager

Here's How Virtual Sales Manager works:

  • virtual-sales-manager

    Strategy Day

  • virtual-sales-manager

    Monthly Sales Plan

  • virtual-sales-manager

    Weekly Sales Meeting

  • virtual-sales-manager

    The Weekly Review

  • virtual-sales-manager

    Weekly Team Huddle

1. Strategy Day

  • 30-point plan to pin-point the biggest frustrations and challenges
  • Establish obstacles and opportunities
  • Review KPI measurement and sales teams job descriptions
  • Confirm accountability and recruitment
  • Review lead generation, automation and digitisation
  • Review selling skills and processes
  • Create a stress-free action plan for profit and ROI

2. Monthly Sales Planning  

  • Revise monthly sales plan
  • Review previous month’s results
  • Plan sales activity
  • Confirm lead generation
  • Use “Planning For Good Days” formula
  • Pin-point resources and staff requirement
  • Isolate training needed

3. Weekly Zoom Sales Meeting

  • Set sales agenda
  • Chair sales meeting
  • Review sales KPIs and sales activity
  • Discuss and monitor lead generation
  • Confirm and or suggest modification to sales strategy
  • Recommendations
  • Implement sales accountability

4. The Weekly Sales Review Email

  • Weekly accountability email
  • 3 main sales goals outcomes
  • Successes tabled
  • Skills level appraisal
  • Achievements
  • Help and resources needed

5. Weekly Team Huddle

  • Ask about sales achieved and wins from previous week
  • Any roadblocks or challenges
  • Sales planned for the coming week
  • Any support of resources needed



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  1. Strategy Day

Prior to your Strategy Day, you’ll receive a 30-Point Plan to complete, which reviews all aspects of your sales such as your organisational chart, job descriptions, KPIs, benchmarks, sales budgets, targets, lead generation, automation, sales process, selling tools, price presentations, closing sequences, objections, team structures and more.

  1. Monthly Sales Plan

At the beginning of each month, we will review last monthly targets and budget, set benchmarks, pin-point wins, lessons, setbacks and challenges and recommend training. Once reviewed we will plan what needs to be done differently. Then we confirm your marketing and sales strategies for the month.

  1. Weekly Sales Meeting

Each week we will chair or co-chair the weekly sales meeting via Zoom. During each meeting we will review the week and how the sales are tracking to achieve targets. Discuss KPIs, acknowledge good performances, isolate areas that need improvement, then recommend training and role-plays for the week.

  1. The Weekly Review

Each team member will receive an email on Monday to complete a quick weekly review of results, selling skillsets and areas they require help in. These emails will be discussed at every sales meeting, as they are an effective way of keeping results, activity and sales targets front of mind.

  1. Weekly Team Huddle

At a pre-arranged time, we’ll conduct a weekly team huddle via Zoom or conference call. Here we’ll address four questions:

  1. Sales and wins for last week
  2. Roadblocks and challenges
  3. Sales planned for the week
  4. Confirm support, training and resources needed to achieve targets                                                              

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