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Here's How sales makeover works:

  • sales-make-over

    Strategy Day

  • sales-make-over

    Upgrade, design, create selling tools and refine sales process

  • sales-make-over

    In-house training day

  • sales-make-over

    DFY (“Done For You”) – Sales Authority Implementation Video Program (SAIP)

  • sales-make-over

    Quarterly Check-In and Implementation Zoom

1. Strategy Day

  • 30-point plan to pin-point the biggest frustrations and challenges
  • Establish obstacles and opportunities
  • Review KPI measurement and sales teams job descriptions
  • Confirm accountability and recruitment
  • Review lead generation, automation and digitisation
  • Review selling skills and processes
  • Create a stress-free action plan for profit and ROI

2. Upgrade, Design Create Selling Tools and Refine Sales Process

  • Supply templates (when available)
  • Streamline sales process
  • Create or update selling tools
  • Recommend CRM and sales accountability systems
  • Streamline marketing and automation

3. In-House Training Day

  • Tailored in-house workshops
  • Live Zoom online training
  • Update hard skills sales methodology
  • Soft skills, DISC and NLP that increase sales
  • Implementation strategies

4. DFY ("Done For You") - Sales Authority Implementation Video Program (SAIP)

“Done For You” Sales Training:

  • Sales Authority practical workbooks
  • Sales scripts, prompts and sales tools

SAIP Modules:

  • How to plan for and create profit from day 1
  • How people buy and reducing objections
  • Meet and greet your way to more sales
  • How to establish compelling reasons to buy
  • Explanation, demonstration and proofing skills that make closing easy
  • Inspire a close and make more sales

5. Quarterly Check-In and Implementation Zoom

  • Check-in Zoom for implementation
  • Accountability
  • Discuss utilisation
  • Answer questions
  • Refresh strategies

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  1. Strategy Day

Prior to your Strategy Day, you’ll receive a 30-Point Plan to complete, which reviews all aspects of your sales such as your organisational chart, job descriptions, KPIs, benchmarks, sales budgets, targets, lead generation, automation, sales process, selling tools, price presentations, closing sequences, objections, team structures and more.

  1. Upgrade, Design, Create Selling Tools and Refine Sales Process

Once we’ve established what’s working, what’s holding you back, what needs to be updated or streamlined, and how to keep it all aligned with your business goals, culture and mission, then we’ll start to update your tools and processes to make selling more efficient and easier, to save you time and reduce stress and the worry of poor results.

  1. In-House Training Day

Your in-house training is a practical day that will update hard skills and combine them with soft skills, to ensure everyone knows what and how to increase sales and maximize their individual income potential. During your in-house training day, we’ll empower you and your team with the skills to use the new tools and processes that will inspire people to buy. This will be a result of your sales process becoming more natural, intuitive and effortless.

  1. DFY (“Done For You”) – Sales Authority Implementation Video Program (SAIP)

These six modules are all delivered in an easy-to-use online format, so you can quickly learn the new skills and techniques to become a Sales Authority.

The training videos are a DFY resource, which is comprehensive training in new-age selling skills and techniques that make selling effortless, enabling you to inspire more people to buy more often. In some instances, these techniques have doubled and even tripled income in businesses all over the world.

Our exclusive Sales Authority practical workbook contains all the new scripts, prompts and sales tools that will help you maximise implementation and, therefore, generate impressive sales results 24/7/52.

  1. Quarterly Check-In and Implementation Zoom

Each quarter, implementation and accountability Zoom sessions provide you with an efficient way to ensure the new skills and tools are being used correctly and effectively. They are also opportunities to discuss sales and closing strategies and include QandA sessions to ensure you remain fully supported.

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