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Pro-active lead generation that works

Generating leads and successfully converting them are the life blood of any businesses. If you are struggling to generate qualified leads who want to buy, or if you’re feeling frustrated with the low returns from your marketing spend, this program is for you. You’ll gain lots of lead-generating strategies that are easy to do and have no or little cost, but which delivers a high conversion.

from this program you'll also learn:

  • how to create your sales and closing strategies to ensure your leads buy

  • how to pre-qualify all your leads to ensure you present to prospects who already want to buy

  • how to implement phone prompts that will empower you with the skills to create opportunities to generate qualified leads

  • how to use the 'Money Call' prompt which will ensure you book a qualified appointment with prospects who want to buy

  • 15 lead generation strategies to ensure your whole sales team has plenty of leads, and tonnes of booked appointments that you can effortlessly convert

Pro-Active Lead Generation That Works (Fitness)

pro-active lead generation that works

Includes online video and workbook

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