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Inspire A Close And Make More Sales (Health & Fitness)

Are you frustrated by not making enough sales? Are prospects becoming harder to close in a competitive marketplace? If you need new ways to make more sales more easily, then it’s time for you and your sales team to learn the art of closing the sale. Whether you are asking, assuming, prescribing or inspiring a sale, there’s one thing that stays true: you will be judged by your ability to close and achieve budgets and targets.

from this program you'll also learn:

  • new skills and strategies that reduce pushback and inspire people to buy

  • you can stop allowing your business to control you, thanks to the easy-to-implement price presentation sequences, and methods to ask for the sale, which will result in your prospects wanting to buy from you.

  • you’ll also discover how to use IHP and other new-age ways of overcoming objections that will enable you to ask for the sale again, effortlessly, comfortably and successfully.

Fitness - Inspiring The Closing Workbook

inspire a close and make more sales

Includes online video and workbook

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