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If your sales approach has succeeded with one person but then “bombed out” with the very next prospect, or if you’ve had interactions where you instantly “click” with someone but then struggle to connect and communicate well with the next, then it’s time you learned about DISC behaviour styles.

Learn more about yourself and how people perceive you!

Almost every sales interaction with a prospect can be a success… when you know how to adapt to different buying styles! And that’s exactly what DISC will do. 

DISC teaches you how to effectively communicate with prospects, team members and anyone else, in fact – simply by adjusting your language and behaviour.

Steve Jensen is regarded as a global leader in sales communication, having helped individuals and businesses double and triple their sales income, and right now you have the opportunity to achieve the same in your business, which will give you the freedom to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Seize this opportunity today and get set to see your sales and income levels soar to brand-new heights. In this training, you will discover:

  • How your behaviour style impact others in your professional and personal life
  • How to adjust your behaviour style to create rapport
  • How to use behaviour types to dramatically increase sales and lead your team
  • How to adjust your language to inspire more people to buy more often
  • How to identify other people’s behaviour to create memorable experiences, make more sales and increase retention
  • How to improve the performance of your sales team and develop sales leaders

And much, much more…

Event Details

When: 23rd February
Start: 9:30 am AEDT
Finish: 4.30 pm AEDT
Where: Live on Zoom

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