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  • Are you sick and tired of having to come up with new offers and marketing campaigns every month, in order to generate leads?

  • Are you spending more and more money on ads, only to see little to no return?

  • Are low appointment shows and dwindling closing rates becoming increasingly frustrating?

If there was a system available that keeps your clients happy, shows them you care, adds value and generates qualified referrals/recommendations who want to buy, would you use it?

The truth is if you ask for referrals you WON’T get them.

A successful referral / recommendation system makes it easy for people to explain how you and your business can solve the problems or ease the pain of their friends and family members.

During the SAC Quarterly, you’ll learn:

  • New ways to pre frame referrals during your tours by using the Member Entitlement and Support Strategies so you receive more qualified recommendations at point of sale.

  • The fundamentals of a successful referral system that generates qualified leads who want to buy, and reduces the frustrations caused by low returns from your marketing spend.

  • How to connect with referred leads using the Triangle Technique, and confirm they qualify using LTRQ method that WILL shorten your sales cycle.

  • New ways to use a Customer Care Survey, to provide useful feedback and generate pre-qualified referrals, open doors to corporate opportunities, and increase your second secondary spend.

  • How to use The Success Portfolio Process to confirm the clients who will happily refer / recommend people who want to buy.

  • Proactive phone prompts that will empower you to create opportunities that generate qualified leads, including the Money Call prompt, which is key to booking qualified leads who show up wanting to buy.

The knowledge you’ll gain from the SAC Quarterly will help end your low lead frustrations and stop your worrying by making more sales easily.

Join us on the:

When: 25th August
Zoom Opens: 9:15 am AEST
Start: 9:30 am AEST
Wrap: 4.00 pm AEST
Where: Live on Zoom

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