Five Questions with Steve Jensen – Q5

How important is it that managers and the sales team (if applicable) know AND understand the numbers in their business – the budgets, targets, KPIs, etc?

A business that boasts a culture of being KPI-savvy, is usually a healthy business that will achieve growth. KPIs are like a scorecard for businesses and individuals, and when everyone knows what those benchmarks are, the business will succeed and grow.

Knowing your budget and driving targets will ensure your team will be well informed about the outcomes required, and in turn, this will increase your sales. I’ve tested this strategy all over the world, and I can assure you, it works! Best of all, it’s simple and it’s easy to implement. It’s called the Hawthorn Principle and it’s based around sharing your KPIs with your team and having coaching strategies in place for when the KPIs aren’t being met.

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