DR J REVEALS THE SALES Secrets The top 1% Are Using To close more deals with less effort

Discover How To smash your sales
targets In 3 Simple Steps And Become A
Sought After Sales Authority…

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The Sales Authority Club™

A Simple 3 Part Process That Will Change The Way You Think About Sales


We’ll teach you how to create a success plan, how to use your KPIs, and how to manage yourself and your team so you can become a Sales Authority with the skills to exceed your sales targets that will give the freedom to make lifestyle choices.

Communication (Soft Skills)

Soft skills are the skills that can make an enormous and positive difference to your results. We’ll teach you how to identify people’s perceptions of you, and how to adjust your behaviour so that you can make the most from every form every meeting.

Conversation & Conversions

In sales, conversion is key. Learning how to combine your new-age selling skills and techniques with your soft skills is a winning combination, to help you become a Sales Authority so you can help people maker good decisions Effortlessly, no more more pushy sales that don’t work any more

The Sales Authority Club™ Success Matrix

What’s It Like Inside?

A Quick Look At One of our live trainings

What is the sales authority club?

an easy-to-implement sales system, with proven processes, tools, templates, scripts, methodology and procedures, you can implement into your own business at your own pace. Here’s what you get…