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SAC Quarterly Event, With Dr J

Master The Art Of Qualification

Then Watch Your Membership Grow

A selling fact is that most sales are lost before you ask for the money! One of the main reasons is the salesperson has not established enough rapport to find the compelling reasons to join, in other word the prospect wasn’t qualified properly.

Qualification is 80% to 90% of the sale, we really only get one chance, so learning how to qualify strongly with empathy will ensure people want your help and buy effortlessly with no push back.

Join us on Friday the 24th May in Melbourne and you’ll learn everything you need to know about qualification and how to apply new streamlined process that will shorten your sales cycle and make joining easier.

Remember, people will pay to have their problems solved!

  • Create your own memorable meet greet strategy, build and do rapport
  • Learn body language skills and utilise red & green brain strategies
  • Discover how to use ‘Linking In’ questions that inspire people to buy
  • Learn how to establish their compelling reasons to join
  • Learn easy ways to reduce objections
  • Learn heaps & have tons of fun

Grab your spot today and stop losing sales by learning how to inspire people to buy effortlessly and then thank you.

Event Details

When: Friday 24th May 2024
Start: 9.45am for 10am
Finish: 4.30pm

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