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How To Create Experiences
(Tours / Proofing) That Makes Joining Easy

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The art of touring has changed. Long gone are the days of just doing a tour or show-around and having people automatically sign up. These days, in order to inspire prospects to join, you need to have upgraded your touring to become ‘proofing’.

People spend hours learning how to close, but time after time, the sale has been made or lost during the tour (now called ‘Proofing’). Proofing indicates the end of the sale, yet this vital skill has, in recent times, had little time devoted to its teaching.

Thankfully, we have the opportunity and expertise to help you master this essential skill.

From this exciting and enlightening one-day training, you’ll learn how to use body language to create dynamic Proofing that will make each tour a WOW experience. You’ll also discover new ways to make each Proofing experience memorable as well as solution-based, thanks to cutting-edge communication skills that are as fun as they are easy to use and remember!

IMPORTANT: Many sales are closed prior to your price presentation.

Join us and learn:

  • How to create a memorable experience that inspires prospects to join.
  • How to master and use the skill of ‘Proofing’.
  • How to test the buying temperature to reduce objections.
  • How to dramatically increase your sales using the PFBEA x 2 formula.
  • How to use your body language during your Proofings.

Join us at the:

When: 26th May
Arrival: 9:30 am AEST
Start: 10:00 am AEST
Wrap: 4.30 pm AEST
Where: The Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, 117 Ryedale Rd, West Ryde, NSW

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