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We’re all super pumped at the prospect of kicking some huge goals so as to transform you into a Sales Authority who consistently smashes sales targets!

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How do I book our Strategy Day?

This is an exciting day that lets us do a deep-dive into all your sales and sales management protocols, systems, scripts, tools, to see what’s currently working and what we can streamline and update for even better results. Throughout the day we’ll tailor everything to your specific needs, so the tools and procedures marry up perfectly with the outcomes you’re seeking. Your Strategy Day will be a full day of fun and learning, and you will receive some pre-work to complete before we arrive.

What happens after our Strategy Day?

As you know, during your Strategy Day we’ll create, design, update, streamline your sales processes and tools, and confirm the best way to fast-track the sales skills of you and your team. After your Strategy Day you’ll undertake a Boot Camp training session, where we’ll introduce some of the new sales and communication skills, techniques and selling tools for your team to implement straight away, so they can immediately begin to increase their sales. All the dates for your ongoing monthly training will already be locked in by this stage.

How will know my training dates?

All your training dates will be confirmed for the year, on or just after your Strategy Day. This enables you to ensure everybody on the team is available to attend. It is critical that your entire team attends each training day. You also need to ensure you nominate a “champion” among your team, who will be accountable for making sure the team implement and practise all the new skills and techniques that they’ll learn.

When do we pick the topics for our training days?

We’ll keep in close contact with you, and will phone you at least 10 days out from your scheduled training day. On this call we’ll discuss that state of play and review your KPIs, as well as identify the skills, techniques and strategies that need the most training. As every month is different, it’s always best to complete this planning close to your training day, as this way we know exactly what challenges your team are currently facing and we can teach them how to overcome them.

What if I want to discuss new strategies or if the team need some extra tools or coaching?

That’s easy! Simply text or call us, and we’ll arrange a time to chat with you in depth, either on the phone or online via Zoom. To make the most of that time it would be best to send a few bullet points via email, so we can be well prepared in advance.

If I need help and assistance in other areas of my business, what should I do?

We are fortunate to be very closely connected to some of the country’s leading business experts, and as such we’ve established a carefully selected “Inner Circle”, which consists of specialists who can assist in all aspects of business operations, such as copywriting and proofreading, digital marketing, website design, video production, business and personal loans, financial and business planning, management training and resources, fit-out and builders, equipment suppliers, graphic design, direct debiting companies, CRMs, and more! Whatever your need, just ask us and we’ll direct you to a recommended solutions provider.


Where can I find templates and recordings?

You’ll soon receive an invitation to join our private Facebook group, which is for clients only. Here you’ll have complete access to all the training sessions, files videos, webinars, and resources. If you aren't on Facebook then don’t worry, as you’ll also receive login details to our new online membership portal. In there you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how and where to find the material you're looking for.

Need help finding something?

We’re here to help! So if you have any questions regarding the Facebook group or membership portal, simply let our team at head office know by emailing [email protected]

What's coming up?

The membership portal has all the upcoming events listed in there; however, to make things really easy for you, we’ll also notify you by email, SMS and phone calls. [Will you do all three methods or do they get to pick and choose? No one wants to receive all three ways – we need to amend this copy accordingly.]

What are those webinars and who are they for?

Our webinars are ideal for every business owner or manager – they’re ideal for YOU! These webinars are essentially our training and coaching sessions, which serve to reinforce the sales skills you’ve learned with us. They’re also a great opportunity to "check in" and share what you are focusing on, as well as ask for help or clarification if you need it. From most webinars you’ll walk away with skills and strategies that you can immediately implement into your business. We also run Q&A sessions to address specific area of sales, sales management and any issues that require some troubleshooting.

What if I need a little extra help?

We all need a bit of extra help at some point in time, so don’t hesitate to ask us! To lock in a time to chat with me or one of my team, simply click here [insert link] and we’ll be in touch.

My details have changed

No worries. Simply drop Rebecca a line at [email protected] and she will update them in our system so your communications with us remain uninterrupted.