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To keep the focus and communication clear, please take a few minutes to fill in the following details:

  • Your Business Details

    Please rate from 1-10 the various areas of your sales processes, tools and accountability
  • Targets & Benchmarks – Have you set up sales KPIs?
  • Accountability – Do your record all sales activities on a daily basis
  • Accountability – Do your review sales outcomes on a weekly basis?
  • Lead Generation – Do you have a marketing & prospecting plan in place?
  • Soft Skills – Do you use NLP & DISC skills to recruit, manage, lead and sell?
  • Business Positioning – Do you have 5 or more clearly defined USPs, and are you regarded as the experts in your marketplace?
  • Initial Contact Skills – Do you consistently create a memorable first impression and experience?
  • Rapport Skills – Do you understand how to use the red & green brain to communicate effectively?
  • Sales Psychology – Do you understand the 2 motivators of human behaviour and how to identify a prospect’s compelling reason to buy?
  • Delivering An Experience – Do you demonstrate, explain and tour in a way that confirms you are the expert in your area?
  • Closing The Sale – Do you know how to overcome objections and ask for the sale?
  • Referral Culture – Do you proactively obtain referrals and testimonials?
  • Phone Skills – Is your team highly skilled in using prompts so that outgoing and incoming calls result in sales?