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Foundation Membership to
The Sales Authority Club

We recently ran a contest to win Sales Authority Club memberships, and due to the immense interest we received, we decided to offer the opportunity for 25 people to become Foundation Members of the  Sales Authority Club, and receive the following EXTRAS:

  • 2 x private one-on-one zoom implementation coaching sessions ($660 value)
  • “The secret to taking away the guesswork in hiring a motivated dream team” Video ($97 value)
  • Sales accountability checklists to help you inspect what your expert ($97 value)
  • Leads and sales planning calculator, so you can calculate your daily, weekly and monthly leads & appointments, to take the guesswork out of selling ($149 value)
  • Leads and sales strategy planner and practice drill rehearse register ($97 value)

Sales Authority Extras Value: $1,100!

The Sales Authority Club is going to be LIVE in June. This will then eventually be turned into our signature sales training program, which will be sold for $697 per month or higher.

If this package sounds like the right fit for you and your business, click Start Now and secure your Foundation Membership for the heavily discounted scholarship price of just $497 per month, which will include all those extras and never increase in price for as long as you continue to pay every month.

Here's what you must know before joining us: This $497 per month offer gets you LIFETIME ACCESS to our Sales Authority Implementation Video program, our premier ALL DONE FOR YOU sales training, and access to our Members-Only Facebook Group and the LIVE coaching webinars.

But hurry: Foundation Memberships will be processed on a first-in, first served basis and this offer is only available to 25 people!

Please note: Content in the member’s area will be added in consultation with you and other members, to confirm exactly what skills and resources you want to access.

Save $2400 by joining now as a Foundation Member - 25 only

The Sales Authority Club will teach how to fast-track your sales skills, and empower you with the most up-to-date soft and hard skills, ensuring you can smash your sales targets.

There are three exciting stages:

  1. Vision

We’ll teach you how to create a success plan, how to use your KPIs, and how to manage yourself and your team so you can become a Sales Authority with the skills to exceed your sales targets.

  1. Communication – Soft Skills

Soft skills are the skills that can make an enormous and positive difference to your results. We’ll teach you how to identify people’s perceptions of you, and how to adjust your behaviour in order to make the most of every interaction with others. You’ll discover the power of NLP and people skills, and how to use these soft skills effectively, to ensure people feel comfortable and inspired to buy.

  1. Conversation & Conversions

In sales, conversion is key. Learning how to combine your new-age selling skills and techniques with your soft skills is a winning combination, to help you become a Sales Authority who inspires more people to buy more often.


The Sales Authority program is an easy-to-implement sales system, with proven processes, tools, templates, scripts, methodology and procedures, which you can implement into your own business at your own pace. Here’s what you get…

  • A program that guides you to achieve sales success, starting with a 30-day sales plan.
  • Weekly sales skills and techniques training (delivered online).
  • All your questions answered via dedicated monthly Q&A sessions.
  • Access to our Sales Authority Implementation Video Program, which teaches you new-age selling techniques and skills, and supplies you will with loads of practical sales tools and resources to help you inspire more people to buy more often.
  • Access to the Sales Authority Club Training Days, where you receive live, face-to-face practical training with sales and business experts from around the globe. Here you’ll learn how to put use all the soft and hard selling skills into practise, to ensure you master the art of making sales, and create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
  • Membership and access to our private Facebook group/s, connecting you 24/7 with an amazing tribe of like-minded business leaders from all over the world.
  • Access to private coaching calls to keep you accountable and to ensure your training remains personalised every step of the way
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