Fix The Big Problems To Make The Big Bucks

Sales expert Steve Jensen explains how to make sales in a start-up business.

Most people think the key to succeeding in business is having a great product or service. But guess what? People don’t actually buy a product or a service; instead, what they actually buy is the feeling that they believe your product or service will give them. Think about that for a moment. We buy the feeling that a product or service gives us, or that we think it will give us. Of course, most of us don’t even realise this is what they’re doing, but we are!

So how can this insight help you, as a start-up business, to make sales and succeed over the long term? The secret to making sales lies in identifying the problems that your business will fix.

Everyone has problems, also called “pain points” or “agitators”. Your business should fix the big problems because that’s how you make the big bucks. The way your start-up can fix your clients’ agitator is to ensure your product or service delivers any or all of the following solutions:

It helps make more money.
It reduces costs.
It saves time.
It reduces frustration and worry.

So ask yourself “what do you fix?” Do you even know what you fix? When I ask people this question they usually come back with an answer that describes what they do; it’s rarely about what they’re fixing – but it should be, because if you’re fixing those big problems, then the big bucks will follow.

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