Feedback & Taking Action = Tangible Results

They say, “Knowledge is Power

I say, “Taking control is what you action after you receive accurate information

Why does the share market have analysts, why do sporting organisations and coaches have statisticians on their team?

SIMPLE, you can only make strategically sound business decisions if you have accurate information that assists to make your business more profitable.

The question you need to ask yourself now is:

What is the most pressing issue for your businesses success?

Is it growth in member/client numbers, increasing closing and show percentages, average spend per member/client, reducing attrition or increasing retention or staffing and operational issues?

  • How much is it costing your business by having low conversion rates?
  • If your enquiry stayed the same or even went down by increasing those statistics would your business still grow?
  • If the closing rate was 55% what is it costing your business by losing the other 45% of possible revenue?
  • Calculate what you earn if you only increased your show and closing percentages by a modest 10%? The amount will be how much you are not receiving.

Scary, but also exciting as it can ALL be easily fixed.

Whatever your goals were last year, please revisit them NOW with the accurate strategic information and start making some income generating decisions to take your business to the next level… then set realistic and exciting goals for this year, and please set milestones (say quarterly) panned to can celebrate your successes and to make adjustments along the way.

12 months ago the most concerning issues were membership numbers followed by retention and staff…so what have you done about it and do you want to be here again realising, gee, I wish I had my 12 months back again!

Set or reset your goals take action NOW!

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