Collaboration Success Strategies That Work – Steve Jensen (Dr J’s) Interview With Justin Tamsett (JT)

In this interview Steve Jensen (Dr J) has a great chat with Justin Tamsett (JT) from Active Management about all things business in the fitness industry. JT shared some of his golden nuggets that will strengthen any fitness business by using the power of collaboration and Roundtables:

  1. How the Industry Leaders Roundtable works in Australia & New Zealand.
  2. What JT sees as the 2 biggest challenges larger Clubs and medium Clubs are having?
  3. What JT sees are the 2 biggest challenges small clubs & studios larger clubs are having?
  4. What to do if you are part of a franchise, how does the Industry Leaders Roundtable help franchisors?
  5. One BIG rock JT idea, strategy or plan to help your fitness business grow?

To find out more about the Industry Leaders Roundtable and to work with Justin (JT) – just give him a buzz on 0499088623, drop him an email or join his terrific Facebook Group ‘Active Management Community‘ where JT and his tribe share tons of great ideas that help members to succeed.


About Steve Jensen

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