Breakfast with Dr J – Taking Action Means Being Brave, Stepping Up & Knowing the Enemy

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This week Steve spoke about being brave, stepping up and knowing the enemy

You will learn:

  1. The Enemy Of Learning Is Knowing
  2. Learn, Be Well Informed, Practice And Role-Play
  3. Just Do It 80/20 Rule–Give It A Go
  4. Be Brave And Take Action Immediately
  5. It’s Okay To Fail, If You Never Fail You Never Learn, You Never Grow,
  6. Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time, Joy & Opportunity

About Steve Jensen

Steve is Managing Director of Impact Training Corporation, a company specialising in sales, sales management and communication. Join Steve’s (Dr J’s) Facebook Group, Sales Success Club for free, live weekly coaching. Click here to join If you would like to speak to Steve please book in your preferred time in his calendar. Click here to book a time with Steve

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