The Making More Sales App will give you:

  • Members access to the Sales Authority Club
  • Members access to the Sales Authority Implementation Program
  • Access to the Sales Success Club
  • Free coaching and mentoring session through the Sales Growth Plan
  • Video training to help you master selling skills, leadership, business training
  • Access to our extensive range of selling resources and products
  • Access to listen to some our inspiring clients and members success stories
  • Information on all our upcoming events such as conferences, boot camps, quarterly events and conventions we are presenting
  • Easy access to arrange in-house training including “All Done For You” training and support
  • Direct line to connect with Steve Jensen (Dr J), as well as ability to follow Dr J, see what he’s doing, where he’s at, places he’s training and more!
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We’re looking forward to helping you become a Sales Authority and to smash your sales targets. Get ready to kick some big goals and “do the damage”! Don’t delay! Download the Making More Sales App and start making more sales today!